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Pool Heating

Warm Pool Low Bills

Extend the swimming season with an efficient heat pump and solar cover.

Heat pumps take the heat from the air and transfer it to the pool water, making the process efficient and cost effective. Heat pumps output around 5 times the energy paid for.

The heat pumps supplied by Blue Pools are the most efficient and trouble free machines in the industry.

90% of the heat loss from a swimming pool is through the surface of the water. Therefore, we normally advise the use of a cover in order to keep heating bills to a minimum. We supply a range of quality covers, the materials recommended will be in accordance with the pool use.

Contact us today for more information about pool heating, pool covers or for a quote.

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What our clients say:

We could only use the pool in the middle of summer. Now it´s heated to 28 degrees C from April to October and we´ve hardly noticed an increase in the electricity bill.

(Mr. Gary Fenton, Calle Sabatera, Moraira)

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